This project was completed in partnership with GCD Books. Mathew designed the interior formatting for the digital and paperback versions. He also provided copyediting editing with minor developmental work on the final manuscript.


We don't just tell stories. We live them. We orchestrate our lives around a big story that we trust in. The habits and decisions of our daily life are expressions of living that story. At the finish line is your ultimate love. What is the ultimate love you are racing towards? What is the story you've built your life around? Is it a true story or are there plot holes?

In The Stories We Live, Sean Post guides us into an honest investigation of what our hearts are chasing, while inviting us to something true and better the way of Jesus.


Sean (@Sean_Post) lives in Maple Valley, WA with his wife and two sons and leads a one-year discipleship experience for young adults called Adelphia . He is completing his doctorate in Missional Leadership.