This project was completed in partnership with GCD Books. Mathew designed the interior. He also provided a final round of copyediting at the end of the project as well as formatting for the digital and paperback versions of everPresent.

Author’s Testimonial

“Mathew’s work was invaluable to helping get everPresent off the ground and ready for publication. His sharp eye for detail, both within the text itself and the formatting of the book cleared up many of the production errors an editor and writer can make in the process. Mathew gave helpful feedback, made instinctive edits, and produced a professionally designed project to be proud of. I highly recommend him for your next project.”

Jeremy Writebol, Pastor and Staff Writer for

About everPresent

For many, the call of the Great Commission to "to go and make disciples" conjures up images of tireless, ceaseless activity. Evangelism programs can be robotic; sharing the gospel with strangers on the street can be terrifying; mission trips overseas can be expensive. In our efforts to go and make, we often forget that the very places we already inhabit are places that we have been sent with the good news of Jesus.

About the Author

Jeremy Writebol has been training leaders in the church for over fourteen years. He is the author of everPresent: How the Gospel Relocates Us in the Present (GCD Books, 2014) and writes at He is the pastor of Woodside Bible Church’s Plymouth, MI campus.