As if my writing and editing schedule wasn’t already crazy enough, I decided to jump headfirst into the National Novel Writing Month challenge. My book is called No Where In This World and explores the complicated story of a family torn apart by the loss of their young daughter. Here are the opening words: 


The fan chopped the air. Jackson's shirt was slowly drying but the white sweat rings never leave. His hands were rough like gravel. 

He was hermitted in a dim corner. His mind wandered. She always told him how rough his hands were. "Daddy, you need to take care of your body. Your hands hurt."

He chuckled. "Sweetie my hands are rough because of my job..."

"Well that's no excuse. If you want, I'll put lotion on your hands."

A few days later she had been in trouble at school and once home they sat on the couch. "Daddy I'm sorry. She just gets on my nerves."

"That's no excuse to call names."

There was silence. Her eyes slowly lifted. "Daddy, can I put lotion on your hands?" He couldn't say no. He loved her deeply.

He muttered a blasphemy and downed the rest of his bourbon. His face was ploughed with grief. He was an ordinary man. Hard working. Sharp mind, but he had never been to college. He found most problems could be fixed with his hands. Broken car. Leaky faucet. Roof worn. Rotting deck. He knew he could fix this stuff. 

He never thought much about evil in the world, but how could he not now? How do you fix evil? Something is broken in this world. What's the cause? Since that day, it seemed his eyes were opened to the incredible evil all around. Every time he read the paper or checked out at the grocery store and glanced at the magazines or caught the nightly news, he was drowned by evil. All around him.