MBS: Today I’m honored to introduce Emily Johnson who will be sharing some productivity and organization tips for your writing workspace. The difference between a well organized and a disorganized workspace could be the difference between unleashing your full creative force and puttering across the finish line

Emily Johnson is a content strategist at OmniPapers blog. She is a writing coach who shares tips and tricks to help others improve their writing skills. You are always welcome to contact her at Google+

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Do you know that your productivity depends on your workplace?

Proficient freelance workers and students might notice changes in their productivity while working at home. Good workplace impacts the three C's in our life: creativity, concentration, and cleverness.

Today I want to show you how to make your working place at home better.

I believe that visual information is better for our perception, and I was lucky to find a useful infographic by OmniPapers to prove it. It can help you make a better place for working at home. Firstly, pay attention to the general info. Secondly, take a look at hints.  

I’ve used these tips; look what I’ve found: Once I organized my writing desk, I saw positive changes in my work. Today I can't imagine my work without a clean desk and a cup of green tea.

Another thing I noticed is I always had two zones for working but didn't pay attention to it. I work at a computer zone, and I gain inspiration at my zone for relaxing. Do you have the same? No? Then maybe it's high time for changes, what do you think? 

If you are ready to make changes at home, that is great! I suggest you to start with the easiest thing—change your chair. Be picky about it, as it can save your health. I have found one comfortable for me, but I don't miss a chance to stand up from time to time. It makes me feel a new wave of energy.

Now I know that my productivity is getting higher, and my work brings me joy. Wish you could feel the same!

Don't forget to share your ideas about making a good place for working at home. Let's help each other!