Coffee is the elixir of the writing life. Here are my favorite beans to consume. Full disclosure. My favorite region for coffee is Guatemala so you’re going to see many beans from that illustrious Central American country. If you’re looking to test a coffee that isn’t your standard grocery store fare I recommend looking for a good single origin coffee with fruit flavors that was grown at the highest altitude you can find. The higher altitude will usually yield a less bitter coffee. Ethiopa has some very good high altitude beans (5,000 feet +).

La Columbe’s Guatemala - Ferrigno Estate

This is my go to beans for day to day drinking. This bean has strong pineapple and apple flavors with roasted nuts. La Columbe says,

Finca Santa Sofia is found in a lush rain forest known for its Chipichipi, or constant misty rainfall and dense cloud cover. Pablo is a third-generation Guatemalan coffee farmer who founded Finca Santa Sofia in 1991 with a vision to use this year-round cool climate and high altitude to produce the highest quality specialty coffee. His continued dedication to excellence is evident in this bright and lively coffee.

Starbucks’ Guatemala Casi Cielo

I recently traveled to GA for my niece’s birthday and left my Ferrigno Estate beans at home and during a routine stop for a cup of joe at Starbucks noticed this bag. As I said, I love Guatemalan beans so I was like, “Why not?” Needless to say my family finished the 8 oz bag in four days and on my way home I stopped at the same Starbucks and picked up a second bag. Just good to the last bean. Starbucks says,

Nearly a mile above the sea and framed by three iconic volcanoes, Guatemala's lush Antigua Valley is a coffee-growing paradise. We selected exquisite beans, blending and balancing floral aromas with hints of lemon and a lingering cocoa finish. The incredible depth of this coffee complements rich chocolate, buttery caramel, apples and oranges, even artisan cheeses. A coffee that lives up to its name—Casi Cielo, Spanish for "almost heaven."

Madcap’s Kenya Kiaria

If you’ve never drank good coffee you might be surprised by the fruit flavor in a lot of beans. This might be a good bean to introduced those flavors to your palette. Madcap says, “Kiaria is a great representation of the quality of Kenya’s best coffees ―  full bodied and complex with flavors of plum and strawberry with a delicate, floral finish.”

La Columbe’s Monaco

I prefer drinking single source coffees, but on the occasion I buy a blend La Columbe’s Monaco is my go-to. La Columbe says, “Balanced, Broad, Exclusive. This full-bodied coffee is a true masterpiece with an identity of its own. To appreciate what this is, one must taste it.”

Higher Grounds’ Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Light Roast

This bean is grown at 5800-6600 feet which is bonkers. It’s super light and a great introduction to the single origin coffee. Higher Ground recommends brewing as a pour over (check out this Chemex).

What are your favorite coffee beans?