I am by nature a night owl, but I’ve found I write better in the morning. So to start the year I’ve started going to bed before midnight so I can get up earlier. Here’s my new schedule.

  • Bed before midnight
  • Wake at 7AM
  • Mundane stuff until 7:30AM
  • Take oldest daughter to school

Now here’s the golden snitch. I immediately go to Panera, purchase a cup of coffee, and sit to write/edit until 10AM then I head across the parking lot to Barnes and Noble and read for about an hour then head back home.

I try to do this at least 2-3 a week. The other mornings I come home after I drop my daughter off to school. I will do home work (grocery shopping, raking leaves, budgeting, etc) until 10AM. I’ll usually spend time with my middle daughter Maddy until lunch (right now she loves the home work stuff too!) then after lunch I'll spend an hour reading until I have to start getting ready for work at 2:45PM.

What is your routine? What works well for you?